Convert To Rope Kit

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Convert To Rope Kit

As per our customer's request, we're now offering the "Convert to rope" Kit that will enable any telescoping flagpole to use both swivel rings and/or traditional ropes.

You can now have both the convenience and strength of the telescoping flagpoles plus the traditional way of raising and/or lowering the flag(s) by means of a trunk, pulleys, cleats and ropes.

The "Convert to rope" kit guarantees that you can always raise/lower your flag in any kind of weather, a distinctive disadvantage with a non Telepole telescoping flagpoles, due to internal freezing locking parts in cold weather.

This easy to assemble "Convert to rope" kit consists of a halyard attached on the top of your pole, a rope pulley, cleat, right size drill bit for the cleat, stainless steel screws and a nylon rope.

The "Convert to rope" kit will give that extra edge for flying your flag year round and in any kind of weather. Order one now at our promotional price of $68.90 (includes S/H)!

Note: Please specify correct diameter of the top flagpole section. That telescoping flagpoles have a 1.38" (Classic and Superior 1) and 2.00" top diameter (Superior 2 and Superior 3).  The sectional flagpoles are a 2" diameter as well. Also, select the correct flagpole size (telescoping 16', 20', 25, 30' OR 17', 23', 28' for sectional) to insure that you receive the correct kit.

Select the correct option under "Available Options". If you do not select the correct option, this may result in receiving the wrong "Convert to Rope" kit!!

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  • $68.90