120 LED Solar Lights with 800 lumens and up to 10+ Hours of Light

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120 LED Solar Lights with 800 lumens and up to 10+ Hours of Light

120 LED Solar light (Upgraded Features as of 11/20/19)

  • Telepole Manufacturing Inc is offering a new technologically advanced for maximum performance and durability, a 120 LED flagpole solar light, offering 800 lumens, and up to 10+ hours illumination.  The solar light comes with a 6 month warranty.

  • Awesome design consists of 45 degree angled light panels allowing for full illumination of any size flags, rather than a limited portion that other lights will. The light installs easily with any 1/2" threaded ball/eagle topper (not included).

  • As of November 20,2019 - We increased 5 times the watts of the 120 LED’s while diminishing the rate of discharge in order to maintain longer illumination.   

  • We have also added 3 hours plus of illumination by increasing the 3.7V battery of 5200 mAh to 6800 mAh – 30% larger than other Flagpole light batteries.  The light comes with an easy to replace (3.7V - 6800 mAh) rechargeable battery.

  • For optimal performance of the 120 LED solar lights, the lights may require eight hours of sunlight or more for approximately 10 hours of illumination.  Our 120 LED solar light will perform longer than other solar flagpole lights on the market. 

  • Our updated solar lights now come with a free charging port with an optional 30’ long electric adapter (adapter is not included and can be purchased separately).  The charging adapter will allow for a full battery charge in approximately two hours and illuminating times up to 20 hours.  The new charging adapter is a great addition to be used when there are low temperatures, prolonged overcast and rainy days.

  • The USA has an average of 205 sunny days (160 days in the Northeast).  With the shorter length of day light, some states have a total of 12-14 hours of darkness, an inadequate time for most other flagpole solar lights to provide sufficient light, for a big part of the year.  An additional 30’ electrical cord adapter can guarantee to provide full light on your flagpole all year round and under any conditions.

  • Item will ship USPS or UPS, please provide a PO Box in shipping information!

  • Brand: TLP
  • Product Code: 120 LED Solar Lights with 800 lumens
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