About BlockPartyGear.com

     Our President and CEO has always been known as someone who loves to throw "Get-togethers" and according to his wife, always invites everyone he knows!  As a United States Marine, who moves every 2-3 years, he always has a new neighborhood to host parties on.  As someone who throroughly enjoys hosting parties and having all the best gear on the block, he decided why not create somwhere that brings all the top gear for everyone else to host their epic party! Whether you are looking for a new grill & outdoor cooking product, cooler, folding chair or table, canopy, or game to play in the yard, we have you covered!

     Blockpartygear.com is a dream come true, its a venue to allow block party and tailgate enthusiast to get the latest and most exciting gear on the market at the best price, all while recieving the best customer service on the planet.  

     We look forward to earning your business and trust and hope to get an invite to your next party soon!  The Cox family